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About GGSE – Go Green Save Earth Initiative

Developing the culture of going Green


The Vedas stress the need for protection and development of forests. Human beings have to safeguard the trees. The Vedas assert that the plants and trees are verily the treasures for generations. Environment is being polluting day by day due to industrial development, increase in population, vehichels and many other unavoidable factors. These factors cannot be controlled by human as it is a pre requisite for the socio- economical development. Trees are cut down for industrial development, social infrastructure and many other common infrastructure developments. Another adverse factor is Climatic changes and rise in sea level. Before letting the situations getting even worse, afforestation needs to be started. It can be handled only by advocating youngsters in planting saplings and thereby developing a green culture. This culture will definitely help the future generation to bring out pollution free green environment. It is quiet unfortunate that there are no active measures taken for planting saplings in order to compensate the cut down trees.

Trees are spell; water is magic. So just water it to create a magic spell

Go Green Save Earth, a group of youngsters joined together to conduct environment protection awareness campaigns and to promote green products. Awareness for planting saplings; distributing seeds and educating the need for environment protection are some amongst the major activities of Team GGSE. Since 2013 GGSE have been conducting awareness campaigns in Schools, colleges, corporates and to the public. Youngsters are most among the team GGSE. On January 2014 the Team registered as ‘Go Green Save Earth ‘Swayam Sahayaka Sangom under the charitable societies act. The Team consists of 16 executive members and not less than 500 green club members.

Registration No: TVM/TC/72/2014                              Executive Members: 16


Vision: Developing the Culture of Going green


Awareness campaigns Conducted:

  • Earth Day 2013
  • Environmental Day 2013
  • Earth Hour 2014
  • Earth Day 2014
  • Seminar on organic farming 2014
  • Medical Camps against Smoking 2014
  • Environmental day 2014
  • Clean My City Campaign 2014

Trees planted and distributed: 5000/Seeds Distributed: 1500/Plastic bags Replaced: 500

Project Background


GGSE aims to promote green products and to create awareness among the youth as well as the public for protecting the environment. Every activity done by GGSE has got high response from the public, especially youngsters. Technopark, the IT hub which holds more than 40000 youngsters were the main stage for GGSE for all its environmental campaigns. The response from the youngsters motivated GGSE the need for making the youth participate towards environmental activities.


As a part of this, a facebook page was created in the name GO GREEN SAVE EARTH www.facebook.com/ggseshare. The response was unbelievable and it was easy to conduct the campaigns through the social networking site. Suggestions from the people around the world were taken into account as input for our activities. Later on GGSE started its website www.ggse.in with an aim to make the people involved in the environmental activities organized by GGSE. ‘Plant a tree and save the world’ is one of the titles of GGSE.

Most of the awareness campaigns organized by GGSE are Theme Based. The awareness campaigns conducted by GGSE are as follows.




Trees purify the air ,They purify the mind If you want to save your world, You must save the trees.