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Go Green Save Earth, a group of youngsters joined together to conduct environment protection awareness campaigns and to promote green products. Awareness for planting saplings; distributing seeds and educating the need for environment protection are some amongst the major activities of Team GGSE. Since 2013 GGSE have been conducting awareness campaigns in Schools, colleges, corporates and to the public.Youngsters are most among the team GGSE.

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Hello world
Green Products from GGSEOrganic MilkOrganic Vegetables

By doing things the organic way, we know our milk production system is free from artificial chemical fertilisers. Our cows graze land that has not been sprayed with artificial pesticides.

We use bugs as natural pest controllers and use natural techniques, such as crop rotation, to fertilise, grow and keep the land nutrient rich.

We also sow nitrogen-fixing crops such as clover, which naturally increases fertility in soil. Along with active habitat management, this encourages micro-organisms and earthworms, which keep the soil healthy. As a result, we can use less chemicals, which helps keep watercourses clean.

Thus when you buy organic milk you can be assured that it’s pure and natural, and naturally pure.

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The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Why going Green ?

The Vedas stress the need for protection and development of forests. Human beings have to safeguard the trees. The Vedas assert that the plants and trees are verily the treasures for generations. Environment is being polluting day by day due to industrial development,increase in population, vehicles and many other unavoidable factors.These factors cannot be controlled by human as it is a pre-requisite for the socioeconomic development.

Tree Service

Trees are the heart of any landscape, so caring for trees and shrubs is at the heart of our service.

Medicinal Plants & Lawn Programs

Planting Medicinal Plant on our surrounding will help to be healthy.

Gift a Sapling Program

Gift a Sapling for a green and clean future.

Agro Farm

Youngsters coming up with setting up of Agro farms will stabilize the organic food supply.

Organic Farming

Turning each households into Organic farms is our mission.

Green Innovation

Green Homes, Green Shops, Green Surroundings using renewable sources of energy.


Trees are cut down for industrial development, social infrastructure and many other common infrastructure developments. Another adverse factor is Climatic changes and rise in sea level. Before letting the situations getting even worse, afforestation needs to be started. It can be handled only by advocating youngsters in planting saplings and thereby developing a green culture. This culture will definitely help the future generation to bring out pollution free green environment. It is quiet unfortunate that there are no active measures taken for planting saplings in order to compensate the cut down trees.

Quick Facts

Trees Planted and Distributed


Green Volunteers 


Trees Saved


Seed Packets Distributed

Be a Green Volunteer and take part in green initiatives.

Join our green club and get updates of our programs


Do you care for nature ? Share your contributions to make it more greener. We will plant trees for you.



  • ggse clean
    Clean My City Campaign

    GGSE organized the clean my city campaign with youngsters in Trivandrum city. The event was organized by coordinating the NGOs in Trivandrum city. More than 100 youngsters joined the event. The event was inaugurated by Shri.O.Rajagopal.The event was a message by the youngsters to the......

  • sapling distribution (2)
    Earth Day 2015

      GGSE have conducted many green campaigns and seminars on environmental protection, organic farming and waste management system. Children have been educated towards green movement and the relevance of planting saplings. House farming was promoted among the children and seeds and saplings were distributed free......

  • 931180_451789051562718_1885622362_n
    Earth day- Use bicycle be healthier; avoid junk foods and the most plant trees for a safe future-2013

      The unveiling of Go Green Save Earth (GGSE)  was done on Earth day 2013 at techno park campus with various campaigns. Reducing the use of Junk foods and promoting natural and home made eatables was prior. Free distribution of fruits was one of the......

  • Vanasree display
    Earth Day-2014-Replace plastic carry bags, Use green products for a healthier life.

      GGSE always aims at promoting green products. As a part of women empowerment, we organized the event by displaying handicrafts made by women thereby giving exposure for their products. The event got higher employee participation and Plastic bags were collected from the employees and......